torsdag 23. september 2010

Vinyl will never die

fredag 9. oktober 2009

søndag 11. januar 2009

Tape music or "Tape rape"?

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mandag 21. juli 2008

søndag 6. juli 2008

onsdag 28. mai 2008

Karlsøyfestivalen 29.juli - 3. august 2008

En liten oppvarming til årets Karlsøyafestivalen. I mellomtiden kan man jo få med seg Karlsøy prestegaards releasepartyet for CD utgaven av "Dyret 666".

mandag 5. mai 2008

fredag 2. mai 2008

Så er det bare ett år til neste gang

Billy Bragg;

And as a special bonus just for you, here is the karaoke version;

fredag 11. april 2008

Free Tibet

(picture "borrowed" from Nuzz Prowling Wolf blog)

lørdag 29. mars 2008

Pre-edison Recording

It has been a fact for a long time that Thomas Edison recording of ”Mary had a little lamb” on a sheet of a tinfoil (that Edison made in 1877) are the oldest known recording in history. That recoding could only be played once before the tinfoil was damaged so much that it was not possible to play it again. The oldest known recording is a short extract from a George Frideric Handel oratorio in 1888, the same year Emile Berliner made the grammophone. So now the history off recording has to be rewritten.

In sound history sources it has for long been known that the Frenchman Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville took a patern on a phonoautogram long before Edison took patern on he`s phonograph. Martinvilles machine was made for automatic stenography and not for playback off the recorded sound. That may has been the main reason why Edison has had the “record” for all these years, and that Martinvilles recording off ”Au Clair de la Lune” from 9. April, 1860 until now has been put away and not restored so it can bee played.

For more obscure recordings take some minutes at these highly recommended www sites; UBU and WFMU. Also recommend this story on Anti-Records by Ron Rice.

Sources; International Herald Tribune artikkel om pre-Edision opptak (March 28, 2008, page 3), Wikipedia.